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Functional storytelling.

Hi, we’re Orbery.
We design and build digital experiences that help people and organisations to cooperate.

Clients and collaborators

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Who we are

Orbery is a content design studio in Manchester, UK. We deliver projects with useful outcomes, designed to meet the needs of your users.

From copywriting to content infrastructure, we apply lean principles to build integrated, intuitive systems that maximise user experience.

In addition to bespoke projects, we make a web app for producing personalised digital publications that fill the void between print and web.

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What we do

Fully responsive digital publications

Our web apps are fully responsive, with CMS access, 100% custom branding, and analytics. They’re ideal for interactive reports, brochures, magazines and enhanced landing pages. We also provide custom builds.

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Content strategy and production

We plan and execute content strategies to drive user engagement, online and offline. Our superpower is copywriting, but we work with a wide network of filmmakers, photographers, artists, musicians and designers to create content for all channels.

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User experience research

Good content design starts with user needs. We conduct desk and field research, focus groups and usability testing to inform our work, from persona creation to conversion rate optimisation.

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Digital project management

We’ll work with you to refine your brief, manage an agile creative and technical team, and oversee your project throughout its life cycle.

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Custom e-commerce

Our e-commerce solution is ideal for product launches and paywalls. The tech stack includes Angular, Node, StripeJS and SSL certification.

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